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Cornwall Collection

It's the coastline in particular that gets under my skin in Cornwall, to always be so close to the sea: to different types of coast, soft undulating rivers and estuarine coast that gently pushes into the sea; and cliff topped, wind swept, surfing coastal scenes.  There is an abundance of beautiful coves down here, and an abundance of turquoise sea and crystal clear waters.  There is always space, even when its busy, to walk out and discover somewhere new. When it's raining and mizzling on one coast, its most likely to be full of sunshine and golden light on the other.  It really does make it an entirely magic place to paint, with such an incredible coastal path and so many places that might encourage a swim whilst the paint dries.  I work pretty dynamically and energetically with large scale canvasses loose on the ground or and some smaller pre stretched from the studio, with palette knives and the occasional brush to highlight some detail.  Physical landscape paintings.  All of these paintings are produced directly in the great outdoors, and as inspiring art pieces, are true imprints of the time spent in each location, the tone and mood of the place, along with the weather, hopefully captured for time to come.  You may hear a scrape, scrape when you are rounding into a cove, have a check that might be me!  The wilder the place and location the better.  'Chloë Art' has now made its way into homes across the UK and internationally, take a look and see if you would like to join my list of patrons.   Each painting has a story, feel free to ask.  The Chloë Gallery website presents engaging art for sale for your home, it brings me enormous pleasure to hear my paintings well received and the arrival notes on delivery, these are cherished.  For the landscapes to live in well loved and stylish homes, for the stories to continue, is brightness itself.   New Cornish Art available is either quietly added to the website, or comes with a song and dance and locations shots in a mailout (sign up at the bottom of the page) or across instagram and facebook...  Chloë Gallery is constantly and quietly updated.