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Chloë Tinsley, artwork of and in our wildscapes.   

'Your painting here gives joy every day...' Sir Andrew Okeover, Okeover Estates

Sarah Sands author and previous editor of the Evening Standard and Today Program, on receiving her commission and seeing it for the first time: 'your work gives me such joy'.

Lord Mark Poltimore, Deputy Chairman of Sothebys Europe described the work as 'striking and impactful' during the showing of the Mayfair exhibition.

Chloë Tinsley Artist, Plein Air Artist, Female Artist, Cornish Art, Wildscapes, Landscape Painter


What kind of work?

You will find different strains of my work here:


Buying art

If you have any queries about the paintings, please feel free to get in touch by email.  You can use the contact form or email me at  
My phone number is 07765 162858, you can also get in touch over WhatsApp. 
For prints you'll find the shopping carts active, so go ahead and order away.  
I'm really happy to answer any queries you might have, sometimes the prints need a new print run, so ask away.  I like to foster a personal relationship with you: my clients and patrons.  You'll spy, some of these prints are hand finished... if you would like a hand finished upgrade on your print, and the option isn't there, pop me a msg.   If you see a painting that hasn't yet got a print option with it, then do enquire, it may be that the print run has started slowly, on the quiet. 
Artwork will be sent out on receipt of payment.  
Many of my inks and gouaches go out as gifts,  if you have a particular deadline for delivery you are working towards this can be discussed. Artwork is assigned on a first come first serve basis.   

NOTICE: 2023:  CHLOË IS TAKING IT SLOW WITH a small person, who is skipping and running at a dizzying speed.  Mondays and Fridays are my solid painting and studio days, these are also my days I can be more focused on comms too.  If I'm slow to get back to you this is why.  Do feel free to drop me a msg by phone to organise a studio visit to see any paintings, or for more information on a particular painting you may have in mind.

With love and creative vibrance to you all, thank you for your patience.  Xxx


Certificate of authenticity

With your original painting you will receive a signed certificate of authenticity.  Each piece comes with a different short story that will dip into the context of the painting, some with a touch of magical realism.  These may take up to 6 weeks to arrive once you've received the painting, don't worry they will get to you, sometimes it just takes a little time for the creative writing to flow.  You'll get them 'd'rectly' as they say down here.

Lost painting in idylls of frozen watery valleys stands a sturdy other cottage in heather / Shieldaig gate to Torridon. was commissioned.  After various expeditions and scoping work, disappearing paintings sliding off in the rain, this is the result: 

Where heather rolls into the watery depths of a deep chasm. Where water glides past in dreamy films encasing the pressure below. Where the house sits. A cottage, proud and angular, a gateway idyll by the trees. Inside, a light glows orange, then red, the chimney puffs out its breathy cloud. Midges clamour at the window long forgotten, inside clothes hang about the fire steaming off their hill dew...

In a time where we go to galleries and museums, presented with little more than the title, the works are expected to stand alone.  They do, but they carry an imprinted, passionate, wild context, that is hard to step back from.  New stories are there to be sprung up from the work.


I have exhibited in London: as part of Turner Prize Winner Grenville Davey's 'Hut Eye' installation at the South Bank; in Kensal Green at the Dissenter's Chapel; Will Alsop's 'A Few Friends' at Testbed1; Our Autonomous Nature at Testbed1 in Battersea; Our Autonomous Nature II at Testbed1 in Battersea; Our Autonomous Nature, Seeking Slow at Testbed1 Battersea; and Our Autonomous Nature, Ultimate Pop Up, at the Doodle Bar Battersea.  I've also shown in Bristol: the Our Autonomous Nature, New Landscapes exhibition in Stokescroft; snippets at the Better Food's; Wise Beans and Partridges back in Sloane Square, London: in Scotland; at the Bealach Gallery by Applecross and at The Still Life Studio Aberlour.  I've also now shown at the Newlyn Wet Art Auction in Cornwall, a solo show at The Poly Falmouth 'Chasing Light in Our Wildscapes', as part of the spring show at the Bluebell Festival at Enys House every year it runs, the Summer Exhibition at The Poly,  The Langham Gallery Bloomsbury London, and the 'Art for Jo's' at The Herrick, Mayfair with Amelia Maxwell Art Consultant. In 2023 I had a big solo show 'The Colour Bath, Safe Haven in Vibrance' at Trebah Gardens on The Helford River in Cornwall.  My work is in private collections across the UK and internationally including Canada, Australia, and Kenya.

I have always painted.   Some day, I'll produce some sculpture, for the moment my garden is my sculpture and I will continue to paint. 

Since 2011 I have been producing and curating a pop-up art gallery Our Autonomous Nature, that seeks to build and deliver momentum concerning art and the environment.  We have had many an exciting show and I have had the privilege to work with some extraordinarily talented people, over 50 of them.  I'm sure there will be more to come. Our Autonomous Nature remains a key influencer, the seed has been sown, the whip grown and we are now beginning to see the fruits of our labour, it's important to give thanks here and gratitude to key enablers from this period, who encouraged such happenings and such a space.  Thank you to Kevin Cassandro.   Important to mention here my key mentors and enablers have been Artist and Architect Will Alsop RA OBE, and Turner Prize Winner, Artist, Sculptor and Professor, Grenville Davey, such extraordinary people who are, dearly, dearly missed. Grenville's memorial was in September 2022 at the Tate Modern in London. I'm still trying to fathom how to put anything into writing. Thank you to both, I will endeavour to do the time you put into me and my work and creativity to justice.  

Where do I paint?

Outside, mostly, even in winter.  I just wear more clothes and have become very comfortable with amazing thermals. Painting if it's already raining is harder.  Clear light days, tend to be the ones I seek out to paint on.   I paint all over, across the country.   I have series in development in Cornwall and the West and East Coast of Scotland.  In Scotland a lot of my work is produced over on the Angus Cliffs above Lunan Bay, and over on the West Coast at Torridon on the Ben Damph Estate. Ferroch on the shores of Upper Loch Torridon has beautiful views, a ramble straight onto the hill and it's full of CHLOË originals and prints.  

I have found my idyll in Cornwall with a gorgeous old Dairy Barn Studio at Restronguet Barton Farm by Mylor Bridge, on the Carrick Roads.  Many of you have found me here already.  Do get in touch if you are heading South West, I often have a hot flask of coffee to share. 

More often than not, I walk to paint, challenging myself physically and allowing my mind to move away from the hubbub of the everyday and focus on the present moment.  I find spots that are, mostly, the breathtaking ones, the ones that do demand more than a second look.  With painting outside come various challenges, and I have found that I am naturally becoming more adapt to finding varying degrees of shelter within the scape.  I might choose a particular spot on a headland not just for the way the land folds one into the other, or the way water might lick round a creek, where the light will drop onto the water but also to find a position where the wind might dip over my head instead of pulling up the canvas. 

Where am I based?

My studio is on the beautiful Dale's farm above the Carrick Roads at Restronguet Barton by Mylor Bridge, just up from the Pandora.  Studio visits are currently by appointment only.   Postcode is TR11 5SP which may help you plan your trip.  There are beautiful cottages to stay on the farm and some great stay options with a Shepherd's Hut and Tiny House onsite. 



Do I work to Commissions?

Yes.   I'm always honoured to.  I do these for both my paintings and drawings.   These are always particularly special to produce.  The commissioned paintings in situ are exciting to work on and unique to the experience of the place.  I can come to you, or you can choose somewhere for me to go to.   

How are they priced?

The works are all priced individually.  You will see a correlation between size and style within the pricing.   Commissioned work sits at 25% above the standard pricing structure (Original plein air paintings £625 - £10000).   If you would like to know the price of a particular piece please do get in touch and I will send you the details.


I work with a joiner who makes the frames in his picturesque workshop just by my studio, they are bespoke and specific to my style.  These frames are hand made, and then finished off, and sanded back by me, and painted.  Working with wood even just a touch, is one of the most satisfying things to do.   These are made in Cornwall and for the stretched canvasses, not from a shipped moulding.  For specific commissions, sometimes more elaborate frames might be considered, all things can be achieved and to the highest of standards.

Occasionally if the work has been produced on unstretched canvas, a mounted solution behind glass is available as an option.  

Here are some examples of the type of bespoke frames made:



For inks and gouache, and for prints I can recommend framers and I have wonderful ones that I can pass you over to but I do not sell these framed myself. I have recommended framers in Cornwall and up country. 


Postage is arranged as per the needs of each individual item.  Prices vary depending on the weight and size of the work and the destination. 

Unframed drawings and prints are sent through the Royal Mail special delivery, I include this in the price for UK patrons. 

For couriering paintings I work with a specialist art logistics firm here in Cornwall, so that your artwork will get to you happy and intact.


Want to buy a painting?  
Commission a piece?  
Contact me directly, please email here. /
Find where I've just been on Instagram:  @RewildingChloe

Please see my blog page for updates on what's been happening, when.  

[Prev. quick news updates]

There you'll find some info on my inks joining the Christmas show at The Langham Gallery; a successful, and incredibly busy Christmas open studios at Krowji  (I'm taking part in the summer Cornwall Open Studios in May, so do book in to take a look then);   I was also recently selected by the Department of International Export South West and Top Drawer London, to be supported by The Cornwall Chamber of Commerce in the Export for Growth program under ERDF funding to take a stand and join the 14 other Cornish makers representing, presenting my prints and cards to stockists from across the country.  

Your very next opportunity to see my work and see them in their fleshy painted skins is in London, in Mayfair on the 7th and 8th of March where a selection of my landscapes are showing alongside five other female artists in a ticketed event and exhibition sale at The Herrick Gallery, in 'Art for Jo's', raising money for Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust.  Please see the news feed for links, info and how to obtain tickets.   A week before and they are almost sold out.  

For those of you that would like to attend but can't, or perhaps are looking for something special and in reach, I am hoping to collaborate to release the 'Hot Pink Days at the Cornish Idyll' as a limited edition print, with a percentage going towards the trust.  More on this in the coming weeks. 

In the meantime, my diary is filling with Commissions, and I continue to have wonderful feedback from those already painted. If you would like to send me to your special part of the world or country to paint your scene, get in touch, there are only so many weeks in the year. 

If you are local to Cornwall and would like to see a taster of my work, take a look in the gallery at the top of the old high street, you'll see a painting nestled into the corner there.  Open Fridays and Saturdays only.  

Coming up you'll find and see new developments in my prints ranges and works on paper (it's been a pretty rainy and now snowy winter!) and I shall be putting together some workshops, that should include some outside adventuring.  

I've continued to swim, wild and free all winter in the sea and its been magic.  I look forward to sharing a slice of Cornwall with you this summer coming.  Please do follow my work, and feel free to enquire about latest or past pieces, or information on my pricing.    



Previous extra news below:

I was in a fabulous group show at Enys House!  Really exciting to be there amongst the bluebells and to take over the whole dining room.  Wonderful to see so many of you there.   For those unable to come down, I'll pop up some photos soon.  Or feel free to nudge me  along with an email and I can send directly.  

This was just before I went away to explore a slice of Africa.  I went walking and tracking animals in Northern Laikipia in Kenya despite the current nervousness of tourists out there,  all I can say is that I had the most incredible time, and those that I met could not have been more welcoming.  I utterly fell in love with the place and the people, the Samburu Massai could not have charmed me more. 

There is a new botanics range available in aide of this trip, where I had the pleasure to be commissioned to make a whole new series.  Do have a look.  These are going to be made available as a limited edition print and as a note card option should you want just a whisker of the foothills of Mount Kenya.  Here I was introduced to the most magnificent garden that was an amazing delight to get to know. 

Out walking I was also able to paint a piece with gouache on cotton cloth of the Ewaso River, painted in sweltering heat in the wilderness with elephants and monkeys strolling on by.  I hope I managed to capture something of the haze and the vibrance of this habitat.  

The amazing reticulated giraffe, and grevy zebra, and all the other animals, may have to make an appearance in my inks section, some point soon. 

We've had amazing weather down here in Cornwall and I have had a very special time working on a commission on the Lizard, hovering above a hidden cove that was the most delicious place I've ever swam between drying layers.  I've also just finished another pink painting, painted down at Restronguet Barton / Restronguet Weir just up from the Pandora.  And a rarity for me, it's got a cottage in it, a little white one that has a few echoes of the commission from Scotland everyone knows and loves so well.  

I'll be sending out an email soon with further info and the latest pieces and painting places etc so do sign up if you haven't done so already.  Alternatively email me directly and I'll send you on some things. 

Next on the list for paintings further afield, I'll be painting over in Estonia in a few weeks time, then up in Scotland and then over to Norfolk.  With painting projects continuing in Cornwall in those interims. If you are coming down here on holiday at any point in the summer, feel free to get in touch, you can come and find me out and about painting on the coast path, or I'm happy to arrange studio visits. 

Welcome to summer!


Exhibition in the pipeline!  I'm pleased to announce I have an upcoming show

21-25 March in Cornwall.

'Chasing Light in Our Wildscapes'

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The opening night and Private View will be on Tuesday 21 March from 6.30pm at the Poly in Falmouth.

I'm really looking forward to showing off the selection of work and having it all together in one place.   Each piece has a story so it will be great to relive that and have them work together.

I'll be exhibiting a range of work on show painted outside, walking to paint, with artwork from: Torridon, Angus; Devon; and Cornwall.  The works selected are vibrant, vivid and colourful and I hope imprint and capture the dynamics and mood of each landscape.  They have some depth and change a little depending on the lighting and time of day you view them: so you may have to come once or twice for the duration.

If you are based in London or further afield and would like to attend the evening opening, I would love to see you there, please do come and join.  I can even recommend some really wonderful local accommodation.    The end of March is a wonderful time to visit, a good opportunity to sample the best of Cornwall before tourist season begins, so do add it to your Top 10 Things to Do in March!

CONTACT CHLOË for an advance catalogue or further information.


When it's raining too hard for me to paint outside; then you will find me at my drawing board, working on my inks and gouache, producing the wildlife originals and developing print series.   Having had a drawing studio at the award winning Krowji  development in the old Cornish mining town of Redruth, I have expanded on my workshop on the farm up the road, and have created a larger studio up there and it is just magic, it's my total sanctuary and a perfect spot to come and view my work also and have a cup of tea.  Please contact me to arrange a studio visit. 

This summer has been one full of change and excitement.  There are now more and more Chloë's in homes across the country and others.  I spent a week in the early summer working on a particularly special commission in situ which touched me deeply and there have been some amazing reactions to my work and imprints of the time spent on our coast.  
It's all very exciting, and is currently feeling very dynamic, thank you very much to all those who are becoming collectors, it's a pretty lovely feeling.  My palette knives are feeling much loved!  
I have also produced a series of 18 wildlife prints including a particularly special owl, fox and kingfisher that will be available shortly!  Gamey stags, pheasant and grouse also.  If there's something you can or can't see on this website then please do get in touch.
Where am I now?  I'm in Cornwall.
It's been an incredible 6 months since my last show New Landscapes under a pseudonym with the Our Autonomous Nature gallery, thank you to the principal artists David Degreef-Mounier and Phil Dobson for exhibiting with me.  We had some more than amazing and generous feed back.  Since then, I've been painting up and down across the country in all weather, taking in much of the coast path and claiming the work as my own.  'Chloë's' are now in homes and habitats across the UK, as well as Australia and Canada.  


Want to buy a painting?  
A print?
A hand finished print?
Commission a piece?  
Buy a load of note cards?
Contact me directly, please email here. /
Find where I've just been on Instagram:  @RewildingChloe

Please see my blog page for updates on what's been happening, when.