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'Shelter Bay & Pollen Exchange. The Bumble Bee that Wears its Camouflage in Full View. Harbour Clanking, Tide Moving, Full Cycle, Full Circle, Earth Swivel. Spirit Dog.' (Flushing in Pink)

acrylic, sand, sandfly, bumble bee tracks

framed 57cm x 77cm x 3cm

by Chloë Tinsley

Sizzling pink ORIGINAL available


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Gorgeous buttery pink prints of Shelter Bay now available, click and order with your art basket. 

Big Bold Print: 49cm x 35cm £220

Hand Finished Print (to Order): 49cm x 35cm £280

A truly wild piece of Cornish Art, of Flushing art, nestled beautifully in the harbour looking out past the Trefusis Headland to the Carrick Roads and Roseland Peninsula beyond.  Some sails racing out from Mylor set against the busy activity of the docks and a nod to this Third Deepest Harbour in the World, and the Deepest in Western Europe.  The rocks scattering the shore at low tide marking that depth beyond. Flushing Cornwall.