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'Rutting' - Wildlife Prints

Chloë Tinsley

indian ink on fine grain acid free watercolour paper

(original 29.7cm x 42cm)
Prints are available and in stock with Chloë at both A3 and A4 sizes.
The original A3 and prints are also available at The Bealach Gallery at the frontier of the amazing and world famous pass over to Applecross in The Highlands.
You can now buy cards through the shopping cart. 
*NEW minimum order reduced to ONE card.  You are encouraged to mix and match and add cards to make up a varied order.  
Cards are £3.40. 
The cards are all printed on west-country produced recycled and high quality paper and come with a UK recycled brown envelope.
 Original £250 A3 Giclée Print £71.50 A4 Giclée Print £40
 Archival Mount & Upcycled Frame £40

 To buy prints email here.