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'Mindful colour, of turning heat from Madonna's fertile lands. Tuscan dreams captured souls and idle joy ploughed deep to slumber. After Hockney. Little Monterchi. Il Palazzetto. Idyll.'

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Sunflower and tobacco dust, heat, aperol, grass, acrylic, mosquitoes, scorpion trails, tears, love and laughter on unstretched canvas, now stretched. 

117cm x 188cm x 5 cm


"Painting, looking over the beautiful medieval town of Monterchi on the Tuscan Umbrian border was an entirely unforgettable experience.  Staying at the beautiful Il Palazzetto, it was an absolute joy to paint this Tuscan idyll.  Monterchi is where the 'Madonna del Parto' by Piero della Francesca resides and the valleys and fields that flow from this little town are said to hold sacred fertility. The colours in the fresco are entirely striking, and it was wonderful to hold these in mind whilst painting.  I was also aware that unlike my usual paintings with water, here I was painting a scene with a pool, a contained body of water, a vessel.  It was just before the auction of the Hockney Painting, 'Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)' that then went onto break all of those records. The critical reviews were focused on the figures, the pool and the concept of the pool I found enticing, especially in comparison to dynamic water that I tend to work with.  Here perhaps the lack of people in my paintings is more noticeable.  They tinkle in their laughter, they are there by suggestion but not physically present.   I felt that as it was unusual for me, I needed to reference David Hockney and his pool paintings then in the title, 'After Hockney'.  He is the most successful pool painter, we can only follow on behind.  Here then is my Tuscan Idyll , my Tuscan painting, your colourful inspiration."

Limited Edition Print Available and Limited Edition Print Hand Finished in 22 Carat Gold, please enquire through contact form.