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'Honeysuckle' - from the Botanics of Lunatic Lane

Honeysuckle, of the Botanics of Lunatic Lane Series launched at Top Drawer London and shown at Partridges of London, Sloane Square. 

"Gardener's are the most contemporary artists you can find.. and leaving them to go wild can be pretty exciting too."

An Artist and a trained garden designer, Chloë has created this series as a reminder of the gardens we tend.  

You can buy this as a limited edition print, card or find this on the BLOOMING wallpaper.  

Print: £30

These prints are perfect for a niche spot on the wall, in the kitchen, hall or bedroom or in a lined up grid on the wall.  The prints are exactly true to the original and printed onto beautiful paper. You can see the individual paint strokes and they have the same texture as the original gouache paint.  

You can also buy these as part of a selection of beautiful and high quality cards printed in Cornwall onto recycled paper from the South West, and sold in compostable packaging (corn-starch wrap) with a recycled paper brown envelope.

CHLOË GALLERY cards are also sold at the Eden Project Cornwall. 

Cards: £3.40


*NEW Minimum order for cards, ONE for a varied shopping basket perfect for getting in touch with friends and loved ones in isolation.  To let them know you are thinking of them from one gardener to another. 

*The signed, limited edition giclées are perfect for a piece on the wall.  A bit of the outside in.  Botanical prints to remind you of the nectar rich garden and wild beauties.  Perfect for a sweet nibble. A symbol of romantic curiosity.  Our beloved old school beauty.  The Honeysuckle.  Lonicera. 


Trumpet shaped flowers forming a longer corolla, provide a nectar rich pick up for pollinators.  Strongest smelling in the early evening, at dusk, these will attract not only bees but other pollinators such as moths.  Honeysuckle can be found both in hedgerows and gardens, most likely at its liveliest in full sun.  A climber it can co-live very happily with others but may get a little competitive if it likes the conditions.  Who could mind such a romping sweetness, flowering between June and September.   The honeysuckle, the scent of the summer eve and sunkissed cheeks.  Be experimental with companion planting and watch a Lonicera rampage around a Rambling Rector.  Perhaps throw in an Apple tree.. or what about a crispy Bay, neat and tidy with a wild Honeysuckle rollocking all over it.  How wonderfully disorderly.  

The honeysuckle and the bee are longtime friends and in 1901, 'Bluebell in Fairyland' was written with a song to the same name.