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'Geranium' - from the Botanics of Lunatic Lane


Geranium, of the Botanics of Lunatic Lane Series launched at Top Drawer London and shown at Partridges of London, Sloane Square. 

"Gardener's are the most contemporary artists you can find.. and leaving them to go wild can be pretty exciting too."

An Artist and a trained garden designer, Chloë has created this series as a reminder of the gardens we tend.  

You can buy this as a limited edition print, card or just find a neighbour who'll save you a cutting mid-summer.  The fleshier the better.  In the meantime.   Geraniums stand as familial symbols, these cards and prints are a popular one to reach for. 

Print: £30

The botanical prints are perfect for a niche spot on the wall, in the kitchen, hall or bedroom or in a lined up grid on the wall.  The prints are exactly true to the original and printed onto beautiful paper. You can see the individual paint strokes and they have the same texture as the original gouache paint.  

You can also buy these as part of a selection of beautiful and high quality cards printed in Cornwall onto recycled paper from the South West, and sold in compostable packaging (corn-starch wrap) with a recycled paper brown envelope.

CHLOË GALLERY cards are also sold at the Eden Project Cornwall. 

Cards: £3.40


*NEW Minimum order for cards, ONE for a varied shopping basket perfect for getting in touch with friends and loved ones in isolation.  To let them know you are thinking of them from one gardener to another. 

*The signed, limited edition giclées are perfect for a piece on the wall.  A bit of the outside in.  Botanical prints to remind you of the brightness of the memory and the scent of those leaves shared around the garden table over a summer spread or a naughty reach for a warm tomato in the greenhouse.  The geranium a botanical print to take you back to summers at home. 




The perfect potted plant, perfect for an outdoor staircase, or a patio plant.  This tender geranium or pelargonium as some might like to call it, can be left to pop into sunburst flower in the summer. These perennials are from warmer climbs, and will suffer in multiple frosts and rot off over winter without a little planning.  Ah but they are worth it, as well as their colour riots, they are great memory triggers, with scented leaves reaching the nostrils of children and parents alike.  

The Geranium Essential Oil is a good tool for creating calm, with soothing notes finding their way into many floral based perfumes.  Often in combination with a rose oil.    In the garden, the courtyard garden, or sheltered space, they will have a ball.  So that you don't have to bring them in and out with the turn of the season.  Greenhouse?  Conservatory?  Line your rows with pots in front of the fig or the tomatoes.  You can take summer cuttings of these fleshy things and root them on quickly and happily, if you have spare terracotta pot or two, they may make the perfect gift for a family member.

The crunchy leaves and petals want crumbling off, take a basket with you and you can clear up as you go along.  Keep them watered, but don't over water these beauties, very wet and a little cold and they will rot a little.    Consider making infusions and capturing that notifiable scent, by submerging them in a gentle oil like sesame, and leaving them covered in a warm environment.  The windowsill for a week may be enough, or carefully by the radiator.   You can strain them after, and even pour into an old victorian glass toiletry set.  Or keep them in the jam jar, bounties of silky oil made infused with the scent from your garden.  Geranium infusions. These botanical plants that need a little love, some seasonal attention, some nurturing over winter and a little consideration for frost, which the pots are not so keen on either, these little geraniums are rewarding and invaluable in their creation and recreation of memories.