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Edible Seaweeds - Eat all the seaweed - Large Print


A seaweed identification Limited Edition Art Print to describe your Edible Seaweeds for shoreline foraging seascapes.  With sea lettuce, carrageen, bladderwrack, kelp, pepper pulse and gutweed.  

These all make for tasty recipes but it's good to know what you are looking for and to forage responsibly from each source.  Kelp is perhaps the most exciting to cook with, you can turn it into noodles or even rub it on your face.  After handling kelp you will find your hands go beautifully soft and you might start to have mermaid dreams of kelp farming.  Kelp tends to sit at the lower end of the shoreline so you have to wait for a really low tide in the growing season.  But also you have to be totally happy and ethically aware about taking a small handful for your supper from these gorgeous bounties.  

Swim amongst kelp when the tide is up and you will find it in deeper under water ravines, true Kelp forests under the sea.

An absolute joy and full of excitement to explore,  once you've realised this, you will also see what a rich habitat it provides in the sea.. so be careful when you forage and only snip blades a foot up from the root base, allow this beautiful silky fiery wonder to carry on growing.  In the meantime, cut them into strips for noodles and throw into a wok with some hand dived scallops, hurrah!

This print is always hugely popular when it comes to Open Studios, in fact it's been held back from going online for this reason.  

Now you can't visit the drawing studio at Krowji or workshop on the farm, it's best that you buy this seaweed print online and enjoy some 'Modern Wall Art' as someone once said on entering the studio.  

Enjoy!  Free postage!

Sometimes these sea weeds are called 'Sea Vegetables'.  

The cards are currently out of stock, more will come in at a later date, you may still be able to buy these online at The Poly Guild in Falmouth or at The Eden Project Shop.  Individual cards of your favourite seaweed from the seaweed collection are also available as well as small limited edition seaweed art prints.   All available through the shopping cart, so add away and support this independent artist and help with your family art wall or perhaps a perfect idea for some kitchen wall art if ever there were such a thing. Maybe you would prefer it next to your stylish home office desk to remind you of seaside memories and woven stories to calm and to take you under the sea.