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'Dubh-aird Peninsula, view to Seana Mheallan, Liathach rising with Coulin Ridge in Cloud.. (Pieces and Rho-dead-endron Creases)'

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Chloë Tinsley

acrylic and midges on canvas

66cm x 61cm


Walking to paint along the shores of the incredible Upper Loch Torridon and the Ben Damph Estate.  

Woodland regeneration all around.  

Seals in the water.   Midges in the air.  

The burnished reds of the bracken and the deep midnights of the natural stone harbour.  

A scene that changes with every second.  Icy, blue, red and lush.  

A honey pot for the mind.


This work is currently on show at the wonderful Ferroch in Annat, Upper Loch Torridon.