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‘Day to night, melts to day. Shadow’s play nestles with sessile sighs. Rooted reens deepening in the heart of the hill as the tide licks the river. Pearling pools at Durgan fire light.’

salted river water, acrylic, winter gloaming, gouache, earth and cold fingers on unstretched linen, now stretched

original with solid wood, bespoke made white frame made in Cornwall

original 77cm x 144cm SOLD

by artist Chloë Tinsley

Part of 'The Colour Bath, Safe Haven in Vibrance Collection'

Beautiful Limited Edition Prints

Large £220

Ruler Sized £140

Dinky £92

UK Postage Free!

Painted into the gloaming, this is an extraordinary painting with a very high colour value.  The contrast of the deeps and the brights is both calming and inspiring.  With a focus on the hill to get lost into and the water pooling into a tidal cove beneath.  The ancient nature of the landscapes seems to take hold, here the Helford, held up in the half light.   There are some places that hold so much presence, a certain kind of magic, and this is one of them.  

Working beautifully as a print, the textures and the glow from the left of the piece really set alight by a natural light, a window or even a lamp on the left to set it off, a reminder of the sun setting in situ. 

Chloë is a plein air artist, known for her large canvas paintings, painted outside en plein air.  Here she paints by The National Trust's Durgan Village on the Helford River, Cornwall.  Painted in the winter gloaming, the shadows pop as the owls call overhead. An evocative piece of wild, Cornish art.  The paintings are always colourful paintings and dynamic to look at with their lines and marks, and gentle energy.  In your home, they will glow as the light changes in the room, always giving more.  The perfect backdrop for your home.  For inspiration in your home, for a beautiful big wall, this piece of modern wall art.  Extra large wall art all here for you.