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'Blackberry squash kestrel thunderbug sitting in a cloud looking back at Porthallow Lizard'

acrylic, thunderbug, sea mist, waxy sandwich, squashed blackberry, earth on unstretched canvas now stretched
150cm x 84cm x 6cm *framed 
Chloë Tinsley
Original artwork sold at the Herrick Gallery, Mayfair at the Art for Jo's event. Helping to raise money for Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust.  
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*Limited Edition Landscape Prints 
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Cards printed onto recycled paper from the South West at the leading eco facility in the country.
Painted at the Top of Nare Head looking down the AONB along the Lizard, with Porthallow Cove nestled in.  This piece gets the hazy haar that mists the horizon and weather fronts coming in.  A site of strategic interest, also of amazing geological interest, where the Oceanic Crust sits exposed... fortune's Serpentine.  
"It gives the cliffs this rounded feel, like the humps of whales.  Percy Powder Thurburn painted this headland I've since learned, he sees them too.  Wonderful to think of the historical human cultural narrative.  The human experience here also layered over time with this Serpentine and the Pilchard."