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‘Ben Damph Rising from Annat’s feet, Upper Loch Torridon climbing to find The Loch of a Thousand Fishes. Stags in Rut and Soggy Sphagnum Pieces. Kissed by the rain. Bright to Deep Haze. Paint on Wet Face, Face the Sea. Ferroch. Dive Deep.’

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acrylic, gouache, rain, sphagnum moss, midge and musk on stretched canvas

Chloë Tinsley

60cm x 60cm

64cm x 64cm *framed


Painting in Wester Ross at the back of Ferroch and Annat, overlooking Upper Loch Torridon and the Ben Damph Estate, with Sheildaig over and beyond.   This pass climbs right up and through, a firm favourite.  The weather doesn't always hold however, and sometimes, you've just got to paint through it.  This painting has been truly affected by the mizzly mist, visible in the before and after.  The weather has taken it deeper and upped the contrast so that the gold finish here lifts up and off the canvas.