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'Barefoot flow in swift. Portraits of light in golden time floods at Trebah. Perform play in ritual. Colour in exhausted serenity. Shared awakening at sunrise on the Helford. Robin. Cormorant.'

sand, salt, silt, pigment, gouache, acrylic, seaweed, primrose, garlic, fingers, feet, palette, sandfly hop, ferns, palms, thorns and moss on unstretched canvas now stretched

199cm x 160.7cm (framed) £9400

Big, Bold Trebah Sunrise Print 108cm x 136cm £380

Big, Bold Big, Bold Trebah Sunrise Print 108cm x 136cm, hand finished by Chloë £490

(These prints come with a 2cm white border, taking the overall paper size to 112cm x 140cm)

Cottage Bold Sunrise 27cm x 21.5cm £120, hand finished £180

Watch the film and discover more here