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Chloë Gallery - Artwork of and in our wildscapes by Chloë Tinsley

CHLOË GALLERY is the online art gallery where you can take a look at the collection of work and paintings by Chloë Tinsley.  Artwork of and in our wildscapes. You can keep up to date with the latest Chloe paintings, request artwork and consider commissions.  Rewilding art.  Imprinting passion.  The landscape paintings are all painted outside, picking up the drama of the weather, light, landscape and energy.   

Inspiring Art, Chloe Tinsley, Painting Outside, En Plein Air, Cornish Idyll, Landscape Painting

To contact CHLOË email here. You can also email direct  Or find her on Instagram @rewildingchloe.   As a female landscape artist, painting outside her translations of our local environments are dynamic and vivid, based in Cornwall and also painting up in Scotland, her work is collected by a number of discerning art patrons and is highly recognisable for her distinctive style.   Chloe art can be seen here on the website at CHLOE GALLERY or get in touch to find out where she will be exhibiting next or to arrange to see her work by appointment. 

NOTICE: 17 SEPTEMBER to 31 OCTOBER:  CHLOË IS TAKING IT SLOW WITH A NEW HUMAN CREATION ENTERING THIS WORLD.  ALL ORDERS PLACED WITHIN THIS TIME HAVE A LEAD TIME OF THREE WEEKS min.   They will get to you, but in a sweet amount of time.  She's "doin it drekly" as Hedluv & Passman would say. With love and creative vibrance to you all, thank you for your patience.  Xxx