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'The Colour Bath, Safe Haven in Vibrance', Chloë Tinsley at Trebah Garden. Announcement of Residency and Exhibition 4th April to 14th of May 2023.

I am pleased to announce a Residency at Trebah Garden with an Exhibition opening on the 4th of April, running until the 14th of May 2023, and a very special Easter Trail.  This solo show will be presenting a body of work I've kept a little under wraps and I'm now delighted to be able to exhibit these pieces together and bring new work from Trebah Garden into the fold.  

A valley garden, with green abundance cascading down to the Helford River.  Trebah invites those people who enjoy discovering and luxuriating in Nature.   Enchanting, enlightening and often magical, colour sings and glows through Spring, accenting and highlighting.  The fall of the garden and the climbing of the pathways and walkways provide an amphitheatre of experience to read the colours in.  A pink camelia, a yellow acacia tumbling into purple crocuses and then bluebells.  Green leaves, reaching for one another in the season's first kiss. It is a vibrant feast to hum to.  Painting here is an experience that opens up the soul.

Trebah Garden, Art Exhibition at Trebah, Artist Chloë Tinsley, Spring 2023, Cornish Art, April, May

The new paintings from Trebah will sit alongside pieces from NSW Australia, Scotland and Cornwall.  From harbour and creek, to cliff; all Wildscapes painted outside in situ.  Feet rooted into the ground.

Painted like a dance, with light and weather directing.  They glow with colour, joy and connectivity.  Reminding us, as we discover a garden sourced from around the world, just how intertwined our places and spaces are.  The canvases laid bare around the edges, vulnerable, material, stretched and fragile.  An echo of ourselves and the environments painted. 

As you drink in this colour bath in a room of vibrant landscape paintings, we know, as with the Romantic Sublime that to be in abundant Nature is a heightened and threatened experience. We enjoy these moments of immersive magic, whilst also knowing that the climate shift is happening and these places and the wildlife in them are under threat, including our own and our children's futures. Fluidity and flexibility will be needed and wonder and awe to keep filling up our vision and our souls to move forwards with new perspective. 

Colour has the ability to move us, with great explorations in work by Sérusier, in Monet, Rothko and Frankenthaler. I am so pleased and proud to be a colourist, to have found my language and to introduce it to you, with joy, and gratitude that I might be able to share these Wildscapes and havens.  That you might be able to tread lightly and bathe in the colour here too, to move ourselves over to bliss in the sublime. 

On the Easter Trail from Trebah Garden: 'Chloë is designing a family trail around the 26-acre site encouraging everyone to experience colour in a new and impactful way. The trail will include materials for children of any age to creatively respond to the colours of the garden and the outcomes will form part of a shared display within the exhibition.'

Private View, Workshops, and Events to be announced. 

See Trebah Garden for more information.  Artwork for sale.