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The Artist - A Short Video

Painting at Zennor by St Ives, this short video captures me painting in a the wild and wet winter winds.  This painting with yolk and gouache, goes through some transformation.  Art is patient, it bends, I learn to do that with it.  The painting that is left is so changed by the weather, imprinted totally by the time painted there. There is a sense, particularly with the winter pieces of the removal, or the stepping back of 'the artist's hand', the acknowledgment of our own temperance in the face of Nature, and the transience, the dynamic harmonies that we live in.  A short insight into the leaning in.  Leaning in to the weather, finding comfort in physicality and perspective and embracing that.  

With thanks to the National Trust at Zennor and to Olivia O'Hara who joined in, braving the weather and produced this short film for her project at Falmouth University, thank you.