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‘The Art of Nature’ - Exhibition at Enys House 4th - 12th May (over the Bluebell Festival)



This year will be my third year showing at the annual Enys House Art Exhibition held over the Bluebell Festival.  I’m so pleased to be joining 9 other local artists in this magic place.


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You know when a place just holds that extra something, that’s Enys.  I think because it’s so raw and undone and yet in the remaking.  The spine and history of the house is so vulnerably on show.  

It is a place on pause, a place of been and yet been: perfectly magnificent and real.  Nothing is covered up here, no fakery, no illusions, just pure spirit, mortar and floorboards.  And those gardens, the original architectural ideas, it’s location, it’s placement and those gardens that are so real and so divine.  This is where the sumptuous carpet lies.  It is not a place of pomp, no ceremony just unadulterated magic and a big handful of mystery.

This May it is time to paint the bluebells in Parc Lye, to try and translate their heady scent to canvas, to see if I can make it hum off the canvas as a nod to this amazingly ancient, undisturbed woodland pastoral scene.  All being well.  This will be the freshest piece in my collection, let’s hope I’m not working on it right up to the night before like last year.  Paint drying on the wall.  It will be close however, I need to time it right for those pluebells to pop.

Eyes already dreaming of the rolls of blues.

Depending on how things go, you may also get a sneak peak at some of the other pieces I’ve been working on.  From Tuscany, Scotland and Flushing.    The stripped back walls and the scale of the space at Enys is a total pleasure to show in and it’s so important to show locally to where I live and love and with some wonderful other local artists.  A great exhibition to come to get a flavour of what’s going on artistically in the area.  Fal Bay is strong on art.  Dogs can come too, you can get a cracking coffee and brownie in the cafe and of course pick up a painting or a print should you have in mind the perfect space for it at home.

See you soon.  Put it in your diary, first bank holiday weekend of May and the week rolling on from that.


For more information, how to get there and what you can find at the wonderful Enys House and Gardens, take a look at their website:

The Art of Nature, Enys House Art Exhibition, Bluebell Festival, Bank Holiday Weekend

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