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'Of Byron' / 'in a time like this'

Surf painting, long board, Wategos Beach, Byron Bay, Byron Bay Art, NSW Art, Australian Art, Plein air Paintings, poets, uplift, uplifting tales



When beauty is this given thing, when the sun warms

The skin tightens like arms of the gum tree

Muscle builds in delicate strands forged by the sea.

When life is full and mind so clear with the heart 

that it folds into cleansing, glacier blue. 

The tree, lively shade from scorching beams

and a den from the falling rain, clothes

shed like bark, strips hanging, moving in the


Community tightened by the blessings but strained

by the demands and isolation, the gaps levelled

by the wave. 

Out of the water feelings turn over

like fruit fermenting for the cacophony of bats.

A camp for foxes with their arms stretched wide

or tightly cocooned in their village slumber. 

The birds din the town like a sound track for the vale. 

Mixed beats quickly strumming the pulse of life. 

Verdant greens call so close a wealth of nectar's

promise.  Enter here

to become amber. 

A bead of time, nosed by a passing whale, the eye

of a dolphin the sting of a ray.  

So lyrical the scene, so urgent the play, the sport a perfection

of the body and mind.  A dancing seen on display. 

Small rides of performance art, seeking a bettering, a being, Being

a part of this great big thing this paradise found on this

throbbing grain.

Returning with hearts full, squashed by wet and grey

Full fires of joy defended by mind's memories

and attacked by the onslaught of warriors of worry

fed by the cold mists and relentless storms from a saturated earth and interminable skies.

The need to create, to fold into the sights, to feed into this world to translate, 

to make, to hold onto the rays, the colour and joy.  To be the lamp

in the cave. 


Chloë Tinsley