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Mini Curatorial - Cornish Ceramics - Chloë Recommends

With a previous background in curation sometimes there are these objects, pieces and artisans that I am so drawn to.  

I think it's time to bring in a 'Chloë Recommends'.  In Cornwall there is a wealth of talent all around me.  Let's talk about tangible sculpture first... for me that's Ceramics.  

Objects / objets that bring joy to your day to day life from your tea, your cereal, to your coffee. Where the makers hands connect through yours across time.  Below some ideas:  I'll add photos soon to make it a little easier.  Enjoy these delicious treats for your homes. 

Falmouth is getting a name for it's ceramics and ceramicists.. pop into a Christmas market there and you will likely be overwhelmed with the talent that pervades through these local hands. 

The first pieces that totally blew me away were these amazing moon jars from the ceramist and porcelain artist Michel Francois.  If you have a bay window big enough to present one of these, you are are blessed twice.  Absolute joys they sing with their ash and mineral glazes, touched with kisses of gold.  And if you find ritual in tea, his tea bowls are steeped in learning and that honest connection and understanding to other cultures, he captures the sense of time and the timeless perfectly in these magnetic pieces. With his own pottery and shop in Falmouth, tucked up by The Falmouth Art Gallery and the ever popular unrap. Whether you are an interior designer or just totally fascinated with wonderful things, these are absolutely for you.  Vases, bowls, other beautiful things pervade.. Once you've picked up a Chloë painting from here, a large Moon jar/giant ceramic vase will find you connecting further to the love of collecting.  

Let's stay in Falmouth and take a look at Sam Marks Ceramics, shhh.. a very beautiful collection of everydays that you may just want to keep it quiet.  'The Landscape Mug', particularly went down well in my family.  Each one is slightly different and beautiful to hold.  I like to think of them lightening the spirit of the people holding them, and connecting them in their daily rituals.  Ah and those bowls.  My eyes could swim in them.. a bowl full of fruit, of oats and goodness..perhaps some Adam Banks pasta to really kick you off..?

Now we are going to pop way down West, as if us creatives by Falmouth weren't enough West for you... let's go way west to Penwith!  To the talent of Porcelain Artist Rebecca Harvey and the accessible Cornish Pots.  Rebecca has the most incredible talent in her hands and her work is so very tasty.  You can see from her daily instagrams how the Penwith Coast in West Cornwall really inspires and informs her work and those horizon lines.  A twist on the traditional Cornish Pottery, wonderful and delightful objects for everyday use in blues and creams.   

Then we have a few wonderful ceramists at my old studio base at Krowji in Redruth.  Here you will find Susy Ward a force of brilliance.  Susy has a knack with clay and also teaching people.  Her workshops are always full and she nurtures the people as she does her pottery.   Many of her pieces are one off, her website gives you a feel for what she does and then you need to give her a call and describe to her what you want!  Try a video call perhaps and she could walk you around the collection she has in the studio.  She has everything from salt cellars, honey pots, beautiful vases and jugs and mugs, all in her distinctive style with the marked glazes.  Beautiful artistry.