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24 hrs of Ben Damph, Painting Outside. Light Chasing Colours in Wester Ross, Loch Torridon

To see the finished work, have a look in the catalogue here'Light Chasing Colours on Candy Canvas Heat, Loch Torridon'  .  

Time can be summarised quickly, but it is difficult to describe the idea of chasing light in time; where time becomes for a moment, eternal.  The painting, hopefully is the residue of this moving, stretching, moment.

Here's a record of the journey's end and beginning:

Arriving here.

Waking up.

Herding Friends. 

Fishing Promises.

Fresh Water.

Peaks to come.

The Log House.

Blank Canvas.

Warming glow.





The Painting.

Colourful Detritus.

This painting has now travelled from Wester Ross to the shores of Australia, where it's story continues at Palm Beach.  If you'd like to commission your own, email me with your details.