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'Chasing light on the dock' - Glass Wall Art

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acrylic on glass

by Chloë Tinsley

181cm x 108cm

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This is a particularly special piece that has travelled with me, albeit it is particularly large and fragile too.   Perfect under or by a window as a piece of glass wall art to reflect more light into a room.  

It was painted in situ, at Ransomes Dock, Parkgate Road, Battersea, when the Doodle Bar was up and running with Will Alsop and Kevin Cassandro propping up the bar, plotting and planning.  Painted from on of my first studios in the 'shed' on the water.  

I also painted a series of smaller square glass pieces and would bring them out one by one to show Richard Wentworth, residing then with the Royal College of Art, who'd stop in at the Bar.  'Yes' and 'more' he'd say...  

Painting on glass is quite a particular thing, the painting you are hoping to realise, is really realised in the first few marks made.  It's a backwards painting technique, thoroughly obtuse, and thoroughly enticing. I love my glass paintings.  They were entirely of a time.