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Glass Wall Art

Painting on glass is such an interesting process.   I create images that essentially capture my first brush strokes, and then you have to think backwards  as the image will come out in reverse.   Perhaps the key to these paintings I find, and the best way I like to explore them, is to just paint.  To do my best as ever to capture the moment, and enjoy 'the not knowing' how exactly, the pictures will come out.  It's a way of removing myself, removing the intention in the painting, or obscuring the intention, a side-step out to the final work.  I first came to thinking about making glass wall art when Turner Prize Winner Grenville Davey, an artist I respect tremendously: who I have studied, worked with and shown in my shows; presented me with a box of square clear glass tiles and told me to 'get on with it'.  My first series was painted at and near Ransomes Dock in Battersea, London, where my first studio was, on the river at Testbed1.   I painted these looking out across the dock, knowing full well that our amazing studio shared with Phil Dobson, Giulia Zaniol, Jessica Rowles-Nicholson and Piers Alsop would soon be demolished.  I was hooked and a little addicted to making glass art.  It's not my main medium to work with, but whenever I do I thoroughly enjoy the process.   On a found piece of large glass I painted the whole view down the dock to the Butcher and Grill, refusing to compromise on my need to paint in situ.   I love this piece, it works really well as a piece of large glass wall art, just leaning, casually against the wall.   I am also a massive fan of Chihuly, inspired by his exhibition at Kew Gardens many moons ago and his wonderful chandelier at the V&A in South Kensington.   I've also worked on the commissioning of some of his glass wall art by some of his patrons.   The result was fantastic.   And I'm a big fan of the idea of scattering glass art across the one long large wall.  I say scattering, I mean gently placing and installing!  At the moment I'm working on a series of birds and fish on glass. My grey wagtail with its yellow belly has been very popular.